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I take this opportunity to welcome you to our website, I hope the content will give you the real picture and flavour of our school’s mission, vision, values and objectives. Since the establishment of Namirembe Hillside high school in 1995, the school has maintained an excellent academic record and we are ranked among the best schools in the country. We are also renown for taking the highest number of students to public institutions every year. All this is attributed to our qualified, experienced and dedicated teaching staff.
We value excellence in academics, and so we provide a positive learning environment, career guidance and also put emphasis on extra-curricular activities, this is intended to produce students who are whole minded both socially and academically, thus they can meet the exciting challenges of the 21st century.
We attach much value to our parents, hence keep close links with them. Regular meetings between parents, teachers and students regarding students’ academic performance, social and moral development are held. This helps us to address individual needs of each student hence transforming them into successful, confident and responsible citizens who are able to effectively contribute to their society.
I request that you leave your contacts with us (Guest Book), and we pledge to keep updating you on what takes place in our school for you read and advise us accordingly. For any inquiries, please visit our contact us page.

Education for posterity!

National Students


Kasaija Fred 7AAA2

Gonsya Charles 1AAB1

Kyolaba Joweria 4ABA4

Turyashemererwa Cyprian 4ABA4

Ssejjemba Jimmy 5AAB3

Naggita Janat 6ABA4

Nabimanya Abias 3ABB4

Oryem Silas 3ABB1


Nabwire Levinah 5AAA4

Lugya Fahim 3BAA1

Kitandwe Stuart 4BAA2

Waziko Stephen 3BAA2

Mugabe Edison 3ABA5

Nakyanzi Josephine 6AAB5

Ashabaheebwa Shallon 3AAB4

Dembe Dickens 5ACA6


Ndyahebwa Boris 1AAA2

Masumba John Dalton 2AAA1

Nabwwire Mary 2AAA1

Mitego Gloria 3AAA4

Twinamatsiko George 3AAA4

Karungi Triscila 3AAA2

Nagwovuma Maddy 3AAA2

Bogere Patrick 4AAA2

Ssentongo Richard 4AAA2

Kiiza David 6AAA3


Nkonge George 1AAA1

Agaba Irene 1AAA5

Agaba Wilfred 1AAA5

Lugwire Fredrick 4AAA4

Rukundo Sylus 2AAAA6

Taremwa Brian 6AAAA3

Senoga Lawrence 5AAAA3

Tusiime Aggrey 2aaa3


Ntale Enock 4AAAA

Atanga Alfred 5AAAA

Kumbu Magezi Ibrahim 3AAAB

Tumwebaze Richard 3AAAB

Mumbere Jockim 4AAAB


Birungi Janet 2AAAB (MEG/ENT)

Bakabulinde Enock 2AAAB (PCB/M)

Twongirwe Michael 2AAAB (PEM/ENT)

Wanjala Benjamin 4AAAB (PCB/M)

Kyomugisha Peter 3AABB (PCB/M)

Okumu Richard 2AABB (PCB/M)

Katushabe Rogers 4AABB (PEM/ENT)

Musimenta Racheal 3AAAB (HED/ENT)

Ngobi Difus 3AAAB (HEG/A)

Odongo Martin 3AAAB (HEG/A)

Asasira Stellah 4AAAB (HED/ENT)

Atuhaire Ritah Marriane 4AAAB (HED/ENT)

Nantongo Vanda 4AAAB (HED/ENT)


Lemu Andrew 2AAAB (PCB/M)

Amanya Fredrick 4AAAB (PCB/ECON)

Begumana Daniel 2AABB (PCB/M)

Ssewankambo Deo 3AABB (PCB/M)

Tweenatwine Lous 3AABB (PCB/M)

Natukunda Jackline 2AAAB (HED/ENT)

Nabunjo Jovia 2AAAB (HED/ENT)

Nabatte Esther1AAAC (HEL/DIV)

Lukyamuzi Henry 2AABB (HED/ENT)

Mushabe Nicholas 3AABB (HED/ENT)


Turyahikayo Peter 5AAAA (PCB/M)

Kalanzi Rashid 1AAAB (PEM/ENT)

Kamyuka Kassaga Louis 5AABB (PC/ENT)

Okello Isaac 2AABB (PEM/FA)

Okello Ronald 6AABB (PCB/M)

Okao Job 2AAAA (HED/ENT)

Ashaba David 3AAAA (HED/ENT)

Kayuki Edward 5AAAA (HED/ENT)

Ogwang Joseph 2AAAB (HED/ENT)

Kigomba Moses 3AAAB (HED/ENT)

Imailuk Emmanuel 3AAAB (HED/ENT)

Sembatya Fred 4AAAB (HED/ENT)

Otim Patrick 6AAAB (HED/ENT)


Jakira Ambrose 3AAAA (PCB/M)

Gubala Fredrick 2ABAB (PCM/FA)

Nabulya Sharifa 3AAAB (PCB/M)

Nalubega Mary 2AAAA (HED/ENT)

Asingizibwe Ambrose 2AAAB (HED/FA)

Nagaba Brian 3ABAA (HED/ENT)

Seruyange Rodgers 3ABAA (HED/LIT)

Mike. R. Shauri 5ABAA (HED/ENT)


Najjuma Priscilla Mary 2AAAA (HED/ENT)

Kamara Yvonne 3AAAA (HED/ENT)

Kinene Martin 3AAAA (HED/ENT)

Musika Raymond 5AAAA (HEG/DIV)

Tumuhimbise Nause 3AAAA (HED/ENT)

Ochola Jocob 5AAAB (PCM/ECON)

Lutabi Denis 6AABB (PCB/M)

Mayanja Siraje Junior 3ABBA (PCB/M)

Kaijamurubi Harry 4AABB (PEM/ENT)

Mwidu Aaron 4AACB PCM/ENT)


Muzungu Emmanuel 3AAAA (HEG/DIV)

Akena Moses 4ABAA (HEG/DIV)

Mujuni Paul 2AABA (HED/KIS)

Obal Louis Onen 3ABAA (HED/ENT)


Tucungwirwe Dorcus 3AAAA (HED/LIT)

Kiiza James 4AAAA (HEG/DIV)

Walugembe James 4AAAA (HEG/DIV)

Kyomugisha Ritah Muriro 5AAAA (HEG/DIV)

Tumuhameho Richard 5AAAA (HED/KIS)


Kimera Patricia 4AAAA (HEG/DIV)

Lubogo Daniel 4AAAA (HEL/D)

Kasi Micheal 3ABAA (HEL/D)

Mugisha Robert 3AAAB (HEL/D)


Ahaisibwe Florence 6AAAA (HEG/D)

Akankunda Agatha 4BAAA (HEG/D)

Tushabomwe Pidson. K 1BAAA (HEG/LIT)

Karungi Annet 1AABA (HEG/D)


Nyombi Andrew 2AAAA (HEL/D)

Karuhanga K Pius 3AAAB (HEG/D)

Mirembe Gerald Butebekezi 3AABA(HEL/D)


Buzibira Richard 3AAAA (HEL/D)

Kamukama David 1ABAA (HEL/D)

Ayebare Robert 3ABAA (HEL/D)


Kabazi Richard 5AAAA (HED/LUG)

Ssembajja O. Zachari 2AAAB (HEG/D)

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