Beginning of Term II 2017 Welcome Message from the Directors

On behalf of the management and Board of Governors of Namirembe Hillside High School, we wish to extend our welcome to all our students who have reported back to school for term II, 2017. We believe you put your short holiday to proper use by reorganizing your academic files and reflecting deeply on your academic performance for term  I 2017.

As you are aware we have opened today 22 - 05 - 2017, take note that the tradition of the school has to be strictly defended through Hard work, discipline and high level aptitude of morality honesty and integrity.

As you may recall our dear students, what we sow here at school is reflected in your end of year academic performance and what you do after you have passed through the grades of Namirembe Hillside, endeavor to be  creative innovative and original in the composition of what you do in your respective subjects of study. Our students in Universities and other Tertiary institutions have performed excellently to their abilities that this has always kept that up.
As you stay here at school, remember that GOD counts above all you are doing. Keep praying every moment you wake up for morning cores and before  you sleep and tell GOD what you want in life, work hard for it, HE WILL GRANT IT.


The management appreciates your choice and love for our school by entrusting us with your child. We thank you for paying the school dues for your Child's  up keep and facilitation of the termly requirements. We are aware of the general economic trends country wide. You are indeed a hero and we recognize this as a school.  Please keep it up as we together provide " Education for Posterity" of our children.

We sympathize with you for the problems you may have gone through as families. We trust in the Lord that through prayer, hard work and resilience, we shall continue to  execute our duties and responsibilities given to us by the Lord.

Thank you so much may GOD keep all of us safe as we pursue our Motto "Education for Posterity"

From the Directors Desk.

1.    Dr. Kyaligonza Robert
2.    Dr. Kiiza Hilary