Namirembe Hillside High School enters into a new facelift for the year 2013

Once again the directors, management and staff of the school cannot afford to see a stunted infrastructure which cannot match with the schools excellent academic standards which the school has maintained in its 17 years of existence.
Among the school’s strategic plan is to build up a strong road network within its campus and the roads connecting to the School’s Main Campus.
In line with the above, tarmacking the school roads and compound became the New years first development, as you can see from the photos taken, contractors are busy. The work was contracted by K.J construction company Ltd and is progressing well.
The director of the school Dr. Hillary Kiiza and Dr. Robert Kyaligonza are very determined to see the project come to completion before 30th march 2013.
The plan also includes working on walkways within the school as well as installation of lighting systems in the whole school to keep the school fully lit throughout the night.
In addition to the already existing solar systems, more solar panels and batteries are to be added to strengthen the solar lighting project that was installed a year ago.
TIME AND ANSWER CO. LTD is to see this project come to accomplishment before the end of February 2013.
Meanwhile the school's 11KVA heavy duty generator will continue to serve the purpose to solve the hydro power fluctuations as the solar projects undergo minor improvements.

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